As a Placenta Encapsulator, I will take and encapsulate your placenta into pill and/or tincture form for the purpose of postpartum ingestion.


Traditionally, placenta capsules have been used to help balance hormones, increase milk supply, increase iron levels, prevent and treat the baby blue's, increase energy, and combat fatigue. 


There is a $50 extra cost for the pick up and drop off the the placenta if the placenta is picked up by Ruby and then dropped off by Ruby once the encapsulating process has been completed. However, if the client's friend or family member is able to deliver the placenta to Ruby and later retrieve it once it is ready for pickup, the price will be lowered. The fee details are listed below.


Placenta Encapsulation (Non Doula Clients) Pick Up by Ruby and Drop Off by Ruby : $250

Placenta Encapsulation (Non Doula Clients) Drop Off by You and Pick Up by You : $200

Placenta Encapsulation (Doula Clients) : $150

Placenta Tincture: $35



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