In May 2016 I moved from Southern California to New York City to begin my journey to become a Nurse Midwife.

In August 2017 I received my Master of Science in Nursing degree from Columbia University and became a Registered Nurse.

In April 2018 I began my Doctorate program in Certified Nurse Midwifery at Frontier Nursing University.

In February of 2020, I graduated from Frontier Nursing University and became a Certified Nurse Midwife



I am currently taking the time to focus on my midwifery career while supporting people in their journeys in birth and gynecologic healthcare. I am unable to take doula clients at this time.


I will be available to catch your baby beginning in May of 2020! Here's to following the dream!



before birth

I will meet with you and your partner multiple times before the birth to develop a connection with one another, to explore your birth wishes, and to build an educational foundation of the childbirth experience. Additionally, we will form and discuss your birth plan and get a feel for how we will work best together. Whether it's grabbing a coffee, going for a walk, practicing birth positions, or making birth affirmation banners together, we will spend the prenatal season forming our bond and preparing for your big day!


during birth

Please contact me at the onset of your birth even if you don't need me at that time. Because I am a busy gal with other people to help out, it's best to let me know sooner rather than later that the active stage of your birth might be near! This way, I can clear my schedule and prioritize you as my client so I can be there in any way that you may need.


At the birth, I will use my educational background and your physical and emotional signposts to provide the necessary comfort measures to make your birth an empowering and enjoyable journey. By utilizing aromatherapy, acupressure, warm and cold compresses, position suggestions, meditation, mantras, and more, I will do my best to stimulate the birth while providing physical and emotional relief.


I will be with you relentlessly throughout the entirety of the birth. I will also be your continuous advocate in any circumstance while respecting your birth wishes. Your decisions are yours to make- not mine, so I will provide the tools to promote an educated decision-making process for you.

Birth Photography is complimentary and included as a part of my Doula Services to all of my Doula Clients. It is completely optional, but since I have a camera and know how to use it, I would want nothing more than to document this special moment for your family. Plus, it makes for a beautiful birth story to look back on for you and your family!

after birth

After the birth of your precious little baby, I will stay with you for up to two hours after your baby is born. I will make sure you are well hydrated, well fed, help with breastfeeding and establishing a latch, and anything else to make you as comfortable as possible. Once you are feeling snuggled up and good with your new little one, I will too head home!


I will see you for our Postpartum Visit anywhere from one to four weeks after the birth. This visit is very casual and flowing as we sit around admiring your cute baby, talking about how awesome of a birther you are, and I will give any advice, referrals, or recommendations as needed. From this point on, I am not vanishing or disappearing into thin air! I'd love to get together as friends even after our doula experience together. Once your doula, always your doula!


Please contact me for further information regarding fees. 


Let me know if you would like to schedule a free consultation or if you would like to move forward with me as your doula!

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